22 Facts You Absolutely NEED To Know About Christina!

1. I’m 22 – hence the sickeningly cute, appropriately numbered list. ORIGINAL OR WHAT? Thanks Buzzfeed.

2. I’m an unemployed History graduate who lives with my parents. More originality there.

3. I’m writing a book. The cliches about my life, however, write themselves.

4. Don’t worry, it’s not a comedy book. It’s a dystopian fantasy novel. Think His Dark Materials meets lots of fascism and sex.

5. No, you can’t read it yet.

6. In an attempt to be even more achingly ordinary, I’m going backpacking around South East Asia in January! This fills me with a mixture of uncontainable excitement and pure fear in the face of backpacker hostels.

7. I have a lovely boyfriend who I’ve been with for nearly three years. Thankfully he’s a lot more successful than I am.

8. I’m a market anarchist. This basically means I’m super liberal and all into social justice and trade unions but I still like property rights and really hate tax.

9. I’m an extremely sex-positive feminist.

10. I fucking love fillet steak and champagne. My bank balance doesn’t.

11. I have a cat, and he’s the absolute love of my life.

12. I often start things I don’t finish.


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